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YG-101 - Yoga for Everybody


Estelle Thomson - Course Recorded

Session Fee:
Estelle Thomson
45 mins

'As long as you are breathing, you are doing yoga beautifully, you're doing it brilliantly'-Seane Corn

We are often misguided has what is the true roots of yoga. For many people, this practice of movement seems out of reach. What we need to learn, is that the yoga practice is one of BREATHE first- and then the rest will follow.

This class is intended to open, strengthen and detoxify the entire body. Both standing, seated and lying down poses are practiced as the student learns to make the practice his/her own and finding compassion. These movement suitable for all levels of experience. Estelle bring some accessible, fun-filled, inspiring time to every practice.

Whether you are doing yoga has a cross-training, for a simple work-out , for better mental clarity or simply to feel good: this class is designed for everyone. See you on your mats yogis!
Course Documents:
Course Videos
- Course Printout
- Certificate of Completion - 1 hour of CEUs
(Continuing Education Units)
Estelle comes from a background of figure skating and dance, her yoga journey began in 2002. Upon taking her first yoga class was astonished by the positive changes in her body and attitude on life. After some time, she realized yoga was more than just sweating & stretching; it was a way of life. Since then, the power of yoga has never ceased to amaze her. Over a decade of practice, Estelle has dabbled in many styles of yoga like Moksha, Prenatal, Power and Bikram. Estelle knows that yoga is the best investment she has ever made. Estelles educational pursuits include a collegiate diploma in Professional Theater (Acting), a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Counselling Psychology. .

Having a deep interest in physical and mental health, Estelle believes that yoga is for everyone, and should be available to all. Yoga has been a decades passion and considers it the best investment shes ever made. Shes ready to inspire others to experience the same benefits. She believes that through the practice of yoga, we find balance, we refine our perceptions, define our values and through this process we unravel our true self.

Estelles other passion is to paint acrylic on canvas. Shes been painting on and off since the age of 13. Her art is inspired by the earth, ocean, star & sun of near and far places. Shes creatively uses forks, woods, fingers- you name it- to create the effect wanted. Her pieces are displayed throughout Halifax and Dartmouth. Most of her work is on commissions.

This year, motherhood is taking over and Estelle is concentrating on raising the two loves of her life, Isaiah & Thomas. She is yoga teaching & painting part-time.

YG-101 - Yoga for Everybody


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